About Woodland

WOODLAND FURNITURE Ltd are a specialised manufacturer of natural wood furniture. For their furniture the company uses deciduous woods – oak, beech tree, ashtree, acacia, cherry trees, walnut , etc.
We offer a wide production range constantly enlarging the span of our models. Our furniture is classic yet modern, functional and comfortable, ergonomic, made of high quality natural material.
As of today WOODLAND FURNITURE Ltd. Offers the following basic groups of furniture and services:
- Wooden window panes , as per Eurostandard
- Shutters;
- Interior and exterior doors ;
- Bathroom furniture – classic and modern styles ;
- Kitchens;
- Dining rooms;
- Bedrooms;
- Childrens’ rooms ;
- Living rooms;
- Upholstered furniture ;
- Office furniture;
The company team takes care of the customer needs and provides that they get solution they are looking for:
- In creating tailor made space .
- In consulting the best choices both for designs such as the material type , model, colors , disposition and situation.
In the quick and dynamic world we live in ,comfort and warmth one yields at home are provided to a great extend by the natural wooden furniture
WOODLAND FURNITURE Ltd. puts its quality mark and gives the following warranty period for each piece of furniture they make :
- 10-years warranty for regular furniture
- 5 – years warranty for bathroom furniture .
We would like to make sure all our furniture satisfy you to 100% in any way. If you have any objections as of construction, design or color you can return the piece with one month from the date of its purchase and we will gladly replace it or pay you back the amount you have paid. We wouldn’t like you to own something made by Woodland which doesn’t satisfy you completely.
And at last, but not at least, we cannot guarantee we do not make mistakes in our work. What we guarantee is that we will repair our mistakes free of charge and promptly.